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Roulette is a game of chance that employs the roulette wheel with the betting grid. The game involves a process where a ball goes through a roulette wheel that is numbered and it goes a separate way as opposed to where the wheel spins. The bets in Roulette are usually determined by a specific numbered pocket where the roulette ball appears.

Variations of Online Roulette

There is a variety of online roulette table games which are offered with all online casino slots. The general playing rules in online roulette is applicable across all roulette games but there are few variations that can be noticed in some of the roulette games. Some of the popular variations of roulette include European roulette, American roulette, French Roulette, and other online-specifics that include multi-wheel and multi-ball roulette versions. There is also a version of an online live roulette game with a live dealer.

American Roulette

The American roulette is a widely played roulette game with a standard variation. It features both the single 0 as well as 00 on the roulette wheel and makes it the only one to have this feature. It, therefore, has a higher house edge compared to other online roulette versions.

European Roulette

European roulette is a kind of roulette variation that provides its players with the best odds. Unlike the American roulette, European roulette only features the single 0 on the wheel. This however a reduction of the house edge when compared to the American roulette. It has the same resemblance with European Roulette Gold. The only difference between the two is that the former allows only Neighbor Bets while the later allowing both Neighbor Bets as well as Call bets.

Mini roulette

In this type of roulette, the wheel appears to be smaller and the numbers goes to just 12 and like some of its counterparts, it has a single 0. Besides, there is an extra rule like the French roulette which allows the wager to receive half of the amount of money waged when the stake is lost.

Multi-player Roulette

This type of roulette lets a total of five gamblers to play stake on European Roulette at the same time together. Players have a chance to see the staking pattern of the other player, have conversations amongst themselves in between spins.

So how do You Play Online roulette?

This table game features roulette wheel which has small pockets with numbers between 0 and 36. The American Roulette however has an extra 00 pocket. Each of the pockets are colored either black or red with pockets numbered 0 and 00 adorning the green color. When the Roulette wheel spins in one direction, there is the small ball that spins around in the wheel but in the direction opposite to where the roulette wheel is spinning. When the roulette wheel eventually slows down, the ball will rest in any of small pockets. This is what is referred to as a winning roulette number. If you stake on the winning roulette number or a set of numbers that have the winning then you become a winner.

Mobile Experience in Online Roulette

Gamblers who love roulette online mobile have something to smile about because they can play roulette on the go. This is the most easy and convenient method of playing online casino roulette. The games are available on mobile devices like the smartphones or tablets and the same games have been shrunken to fit the mobile version. The same gaming on the desktop version is the same a player will experience while playing on the mobile device. Roulette takes more mobile gaming room compared to any other game. Players have to download an app on the mobile to enjoy roulette. Not all sites provide all variations of roulette on the mobile so it is critical to select one that offers all variations of roulette.

What to look in Best Online Roulette

In order to get the best online roulette, there are several things that have to be considered. First of all you have to look for a site that offers a useful welcome bonus package. Due to stiff competition in the industry the pressure has been mounted on casino sites to attract and retain players. The best option used is through offering bonuses and promotions. Look for a site that offers bonuses and promos on roulette games.

The next thing is safety in gaming. Look for one that offers a fair game whereby the site should ensure that the RNG is regularly audited so that the wheel spin is random. It should also offer a wide selection of roulette games for free so that players can explore the games before risking the cash.

The best online roulette should also offer the games on the mobile version which is the best way on how to play roulette on the go at your convenient time and place. Mobile version games can be played on a variety of mobile devices like iPhone, Android and tablet. Also look for the site that is powered by the best software provider and is licensed. Also look for high payout percentage.

Odds and payouts in online roulette

When it comes to online roulette, both the ball and the wheel are virtual but there is real game as well as payouts. Online roulette has been ranked amongst the top most popular table games in online gaming. This is a game of blast that offers a wide selection of stakes with thrilling spins and there is a possibility of players reaching a house edge. Latest technology has made it possible for the game to be played both on the desktop and on the mobile devices like the smartphone and tablets. This is a classic game that is now being enjoyed most players in Australia. As a new online gambler in the industry, the big question is how to get into the game and how to find some of the best online casino sites with online roulette.

The roulette game is quite interesting as it features a variety of roulette bets and requires roulette strategy in order to win. A general rule in roulette game is that you have to bet on a set of numbers for you to have higher chances of making wins but there is a lower payout. On the other hand, staking on fewer numbers has the lowest probability of making wins but the payout is quite impressive.

Online Roulette FAQ

What currencies can I use for roulette in Australia?

Australian players are facing strict rules that restrict online casinos in the country but are allowed to register and play on offshore casinos. Offshore casinos work hand in hand with Australian players and accept the AUD currencies besides the EURO, GBP and the USD.

Is it illegal to play Online Roulette in Australia?

All gambling activities are prohibited in Australia but players are allowed to register with offshore sites and play to win real money.

How popular is Online Roulette in Australia?

Online roulette in Australia is very popular and iconic online game as several Aussie players flock on offshore sites to play for real money.

Final verdict

Even though there are strict laws that restrict gambling sites in Australia, players have found the alternative way of playing roulette on offshore sites for fun and real money. Roulette has become popular and players are finding strategies on how to win roulette.